And Here To Tell Us About It…Fred Scuttle!

I don’t watch shows when they are aired on TV because I can’t stand commercials.  If I want to watch a particular show, I get it on DVD so I can watch it, commercial-free, when I have time.

I recently watched the first set of the "Benny Hill Show."  They do not make comedy TV shows like this any more.  Of course, one couldn’t today do many of the things that Benny Hill does–it would be seen as "politically incorrect."  In fact, some people consider him to be sexist, at the least.  However, they are failing to see that the joke is always on him.

Benny Hill was obviously a comic genuis.  He was chameleon-like in his ability to change his appearance to play different characters.  He wrote all the skits and the original songs, which he also sang.

The "Benny Hill Show" probably spawned shows like "Monty Python’s Flying Circus" and even "Saturday Night Live."  If you like either of those shows, I would recommend you check out Benny Hill.  He’s even funnier.