Thus Fortune Doth Make Fools Of Us All

I consider myself to be a movie aficionado, yet there are days when I do not understand society’s obsession with actors and other celebrities.  How many people really care whether or not Britney Spears has hair extensions? or whether or not John Mayer is still single?  Does this reality TV star make more money that than one?  Are Brad and Angelina going to stay together?  Is Tom Cruise really crazy?

You know, I think such obsession is the reason people like Tiger Woods and Jesse James got into such trouble.  Am I saying they are victims? NO!  They need to take responsibility for their actions.  However, when one is constantly under scrutiny and is tempted with things ‘ordinary’ people may not be, I’m sure it’s hard to resist.  Does it make such poor behavior right or acceptable?  No, it’s wrong and it sets a bad example for kids who might want to emulate that person.

However, it doesn’t help that people troll through tabloids and revel in scandal and sensational news.  It’s a form of escapism, sure, but so is reading a book or watching a movie.  Let these people lives their lives in peace, as much as possible.  Would you want a camera crew following you around all your life?