Death And Pie, Oh My!

So.  I watched the first season of "Pushing Daisies."  At first, I was sort of put off by the campy voice-over narrator.  However, I kept watching, and either they toned him down a bit or I got used to his cheesy voice.

The premise of the show might seem random and even morbid: a man can bring people back to life again, but he can only let them live for a minute before he has to ‘put them back to death.’  The show isn’t morbid, though.  It’s actually quite humorous.  Lee Pace as Ned, aka The Pie-Maker, is able to play a sweet, bufuddled person–a kind man who "talks" to dead people in order to get justice for their murders.  Or to get reward money to satisfy his self-appointed partner, private eye Emerson Cod, played by Chi McBride.

The plot is thickened by Ned’s determined employee, Olive Snook–played wonderfully by Kristin Chenoweth–who has a puppyish devotion to Ned.  Further complications ensue when Ned "brings back" his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, played by doe-eyed Anna Friel.

"Pushing Daisies" might get a little saccharine at times, but Emerson Cod (McBride) is always on hand to throw the right amount of caustic humor into the mix to even things out.  In fact, he was probably my favorite character from the show, even though there is something appealing about Lee Pace as the hapless Ned.

I enjoyed "Pushing Daisies" and will probably watch the second season when I get a chance.