Football Seems A Little Wimpy After Watching Rugby

The movie Invictus contains the message that something seemingly trivial, like a game, can unite individuals and an entire country.  It is a typical sports movie, yet it is also a good movie. The title Invictus comes from a poem of the same title, written by the English poet William Ernest Henley.  It reads: "Out of the night that covers me,/…
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“He’s Womiting, Womiting Bad, Sorr.”

I was rather shocked, recently, to find some people who had never heard of James Herriot.  That surprised me, not only because his stories are excellent, but also because the TV show based on his stories was quite popular.  Doesn’t “All Creatures Great and Small” sound familiar at all? All I can say is that those…
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Now Is The Time To Cue “At Last”

Finally.  I got to watch Crazy Heart.  One of the main questions is whether or not Jeff Bridges deserved to win an Oscar for the role of Bad Blake. Crazy Heart is about Bad Blake, a run-down country musician who helped launch the super-star career of county singer Tommy Sweet, yet is himself playing in…
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Rude Much?

On Saturday I went to see Iron Man 2 again.  I may have enjoyed the movie a little more the second time around.  Good times. What was not so good were the rude people using their cellphones during the movie.  I know I’ve posted a mini rant about this already, but this time was worse.  There were a…
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“Meanwhile, Back At The Motel…”

I’m on a bit of a "road-trip" at the moment, but I hope to be able to do a real update tomorrow when I’m more coherent.