It seems that if an English TV show or movie is a hit, both in England and America, there is an attempt to create a similar American TV show or movie. For example, "The Office," "Trading Spaces," and "What Not To Wear" were all British shows. Now, of course, they have their American counterparts.

Movies are a little harder to redo, but there have been attempts. Both He’s Just Not That Into You and Valentine’s Day (although I’ve not seen the movie, from what I hear it follows this pattern) seem to be attempts to reproduce the genius of Love Actually.

There is another movie that I feel falls into this category, and that is Zombieland. To me, Zombieland is an attempt to make an American comedy zombie movie that’s as popular as Shaun of the Dead.

This is not to say that Zombieland isn’t good in its own right–it is a funny movie. Columbus, Jesse Eisenberg, is a good narrator: a funny, clueless survivor who longs for contact with ‘normal’ people. His rules for survival are quite humorous, and generally effective. However, it seemed like the movie took zombie gore to the limit. Is it really necessary to show zombies feasting on other humans, pulling out strings of tendons, muscles, and skin? I did, on the other hand, enjoy the ‘zombie kill of the week’ idea.

I enjoyed the movie, but it made me want to watch Shaun of the Dead again, which I’m not sure is the effect they desired.