“I Thot It Felt A Bit Draughty.”

Am I the only one that’s a little weirded out by the choice of Russell Crowe to play Robin Hood in the upcoming movie Robin Hood?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Crowe will do an excellent job.  And yet, he seems sort of…wrong for the part.  That doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to seeing the movie.  I do think, however, that Mel Brooks has the best Robin Hood movie to date.

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  1. Dave

    Crowe does seem like an odd choice. However, maybe this is because we aren’t accustomed to awesome Robin Hoods! Last time I watched a Robin Hood movie, it had Kevin Costner played you-know-who (?Por que?). Mel Brooks’s is funny, but I still think the best version is the 1973 Disney Robin Hood.

  2. Laurel

    I forgot about the Disney version! That one is excellent. I particularly like Sir Hiss.
    Kevin Costner kind of makes me twitch, so I didn’t like him as Robin Hood. Alan Rickman as the nasty sheriff is good, though, since he talks about cutting hearts out with spoons and such.

  3. Laurel

    I’d forgotten that part! I do have the “Sir-Hiss-inside-a-balloon” part burned into my subconscious, though.

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