Tom Petty Again: “Even The Losers Get Lucky Sometimes”

It seems half of action movies today are based on comic books.  They range between ridiculous–4: Rise of the Silver Surfer–and quite excellent–Spider-Man.

Somewhere in between is a movie like The Losers.  The plot is rather common–a group of operatives are betrayed and left for dead.  They figure the only way to get their lives back is to confront the man who betrayed them.  He is, so they’re told, under tighter security than the President.

What makes this movie is not the plot.  It’s the random collection of operatives.  My favorites were Jensen, the "techie," and Pooch, the "driver."  They add necessary humor to the somewhat mundane plot.

What annoyed me–mostly because this trend is becoming more prevalent–is the obvious leaving open of the plot for a sequel.  Oh well, right?