Rude Much?

On Saturday I went to see Iron Man 2 again.  I may have enjoyed the movie a little more the second time around.  Good times.

What was not so good were the rude people using their cellphones during the movie.  I know I’ve posted a mini rant about this already, but this time was worse.  There were a few teenagers sitting in a row behind the one I was sitting in.  One or more of them were using their cellphones during the movie.  It was noticable enough that one of the theater employees asked the boy to turn off his phone.  Apparently he thought it was horribly rude to be asked to turn off his cell phone in a movie theater.  Maybe he can’t read, because I’m pretty sure there are signs everywhere telling patrons to turn off their bleeding phones.  Anyway, the lad must have been sassy enough for the employee to report him, because the manager came into the theater himself to ask the boy to turn off his phone.  *headdesk*  Seriously?  Are you that attached to your phone?  You can’t go thirty minutes without texting?  Do you also plug it into your navel to recharge it?  Honestly.

I wish the story ended there.  After the movie, the boy saw the employee who had originally asked him to turn off his phone.  He started mouthing off again.  He was a rude, cretinous toad.  Where do kids like that get the gall to act that way?  Wake up call, boyo!  The world does not revolve around you and your precious little cellphone!

People like that, no matter the age, can so easily ruin a movie experience for others.  The sad part?  They don’t even care.

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