Now Is The Time To Cue “At Last”

Finally.  I got to watch Crazy Heart.  One of the main questions is whether or not Jeff Bridges deserved to win an Oscar for the role of Bad Blake.

Crazy Heart is about Bad Blake, a run-down country musician who helped launch the super-star career of county singer Tommy Sweet, yet is himself playing in seedy bars and bowling alleys.  Bad Blake is a chain-smoking alcoholic who has true talent but hasn’t gotten many breaks.  The question becomes whether or not Blake will be able to change his ways before he ruins himself.

There was no question in my mind that Jeff Bridges deserved the Oscar for best actor.  He literally and figuratively had to let everything hang out in this role.  And he did it.  He never broke from the character, and it could not have been the easiest character to play.  Bridges also played and sang for the role.  Sang with power and authority, as if he belongs behind a microphone.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Robert Duvall played their parts well, but the movie was really about Bad Blake.  And Jeff Bridges stole the show.  I may even have to purchase the soundtrack…

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