Who Needs A Plan B?

I never watched much of the TV show "The A-Team," although I caught an occasional episode.  It was humorous enough (albeit campy) that I wanted to see the movie.  Boy, am I glad I did.  It far exceeded my expectations.

Bradley Cooper was an excellent choice to play "Face," since he is rather pretty.  Liam Neeson was a convincing leader as Hannibal, Quinton Jackson filled the role of BA, formerly portrayed iconically by Mr. T.  However, the real genius was the casting of rising star Sharlto Copley as "Howling Mad" Murdock.  He was so hilarious and believably on the fringe of sanity.  Amazing.  I hope he is cast in many more movies.

I saw a relatively negative review of The A-Team that said the special effects sometimes interfered with the story.  I disagree.  The focus is more on the machinations of the team and on the people themselves.  Yes, what they do is important, but how they do it and how they work together is more important.  And that part works well.

The movie was thoroughly enjoyable because it’s so funny.  The combination of the characters (but especially Murdock) made the story wicked fun.