In my mind, there are animations of the Disney ilk, and there are Pixar animations.  Disney animations are usually a little too cute for me.  Pixar, on the other hand, manages to create original stories, perhaps because they’re not afraid to inject a little sardonic and satirical wit into their movies.

Toy Story was a huge hit when it was released fifteen years ago.  That’s right, it’s been fifteen years.  Wow.  Moving on.  Four years later, we got Toy Story 2.  And now, eleven years later, viewers can go watch Toy Story 3.  I was curious to see what the devious minds at Pixar came up with to continue the story of the toys that talk.  After all, we’ve had the supplanted toy and the toy rescued from being sold as a collector’s item.  Where to go from there?

The main thing plot dilemma is that Andy has grown up, so the toys don’t know if Andy will take them to college with him, put them in the attic, or throw them away.  I won’t elaborate on any more of the plot, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

I was impressed by the way the writers captured the feeling of growing up and being excited about that and sad that one is grown up.  The story left a feeling a moving on and of conclusion.  It was well done.  And, of course, it was funny.  The highlight for me was probably when Buzz Lightyear’s Spanish mode is accidentally turned on.  Muy bien!