Plowing That Corn Under

I finally got to watch Field of Dreams.  I can definitely understand why people enjoy the movie.  I found Ray Liotta to be particularly good as Shoeless Joe Jackson.  James Earl Jones was excellent, but then he always is.  He’s James Earl Jones, after all.

However, as baseball movies go, I found it a lacking in heart when compared with something like 61* or even A League of Their Own.  It was a sweet story, but rather predictable.  And there wasn’t enough baseball for my taste!  That was one of my main problems with the movie For Love of the Game.  It was too much about angst and Kevin Costner doing slow-mo movements.  That’s about all I remember from that movie.  But I’m digressing again.

Field of Dreams is, as many have described it, a feel-good movie.  It shows how baseball can bring people together, even after death.  But it wasn’t as amazing as I expected.  It was a pleasant movie that was just as much about faith in the impossible as it was about baseball.  Which is fine, of course.  Faith is an amazing thing.  And although the story seemed contrived, it still managed to convey how people can be captured by the iconic status of their sports heroes.