Wherefore Art The British So Cruel?

I recently discovered a good English TV show on Hulu.  It’s called “Kingdom,” and I would recommend checking it out.  It stars Stephen Fry as Peter Kingdom, a small-town solicitor (lawyer), who has to deal with mundane legal problems and sticky family problems.

It’s quite a lovely show, without much violence, vulgarity, etc. that seems to be the norm for TV shows.  However, the sad part is that after the third season–which ends on a dramatic cliff-hanger, I might add–the show was canceled.  Why do they do this?  It’s not fair!  Shows like “Nip/Tuck” and “Sex in the City” drag on (shouldn’t have even been made, in my opinion), and a show like “Kingdom” gets shut down?  It’s almost enough to make one boycott TV.

Except then I wouldn’t be able to watch NCIS…