Changing My View Of Angelina Jolie?

I finally watched Changeling.  During the opening, I was thinking, "Oh, it’s going to be one of those plodding movies full of weirdly dramatic music…"  (What can I say, I’d watched Eclipse recently and my brain was still a little warped.)

I was impressed with Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins, a mother who has lost her son and insists that the boy returned to her is not her son. She was able to portray the necessary emotions with a sort of contained desperation. My "problem" with her in the past has more been about her movie choices rather than her acting ability.

The plot of Changeling does take some time to unfold, but it’s good.  Hard to watch, but good.  It’s a good depiction of how chauvinism ruled society in different eras.  On top of police corruption is the horrific patronization (e.g. the "little woman is confused" idea).  It seems ridiculous today that anyone would try to tell a mother that a child was hers if she insisted it wasn’t.  Shouldn’t a mother know?

I would recommend that anyone who hasn’t watched this movie do so now.  It’s definitely worth it.