Eat, Pray, Snooze?

I watched Eat, Pray, Love yesterday.  My first impression was that it was long.

The movie is supposed to be about one woman’s journey to discovery and awakening, and it is based on the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert, who is played by Julia Roberts.

Gilbert decides that she needs to go on a year-long trip in order to discover herself and free herself of her situation.  She has three destinations: Rome, India, and Bali.  The Rome part of the movie was probably my favorite because of the amazing architecture and the visual beauty of all the food she indulges in.  The scenery in India and Bali was lovely also, but there was nothing like the richness of the Italian food there.

The Texan Gilbert encounters in India is also a nice part of the story.  He is known only as Richard from Texas, and he is played by Richard Jenkins.  There is a scene between Richard and Elizabeth that is by far the most powerful of the movie.  It only solidified in my mind the amazing talents of Jenkins.

In Bali, Elizabeth encounters a Brazilian named Felipe, played by Javier Bardem, who has also been divorced.  Bardem is another bright spot in the story, mostly because of the charm and vulnerability of his character.

I found Eat, Pray, Love to be a bit narcissistic, actually.  Elizabeth Gilbert comes across as extraordinarily selfish at times; so much so, that it made the movie a little flat for me.  However, there are moments of charm and touches of grace in the movie that make it worth watching.  Once, at least.  And bring snacks, because the Italy part will make you hungry.

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  1. Jodi

    “And bring snacks, because the Italy part will make you hungry.”

    Ha! Good one. I really like your new look. Wow!

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