I Get More Glee From NCIS Than From, Well, Glee

I watched the season premiere of Glee, season two, and found it rather boring.  On the other hand, I’ve been watching Season seven of NCIS (yes, I know I’m a season behind), and the premiere was amazing.

My synopsis of the Glee premiere would be: more whining about budget cuts, the Glee club members are still “losers,” and there are some new teenage angst issues to work out.  Oh, and the new football coach is a woman.

My synopsis of the premiere of NCIS would be: Tony can con someone even while dosed with truth serum, McGee can play possum with the best of them, and Abby is indeed the happiest goth you’ll ever meet.  Oh, and Gibbs’s first moment on the episode might blow your socks off.

And I’ve been told that the season eight premiere of NCIS is just as amazing.  But please, don’t spoil it for me!

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  1. Flutesong

    Yes, yes, yes… what a Gibbs moment indeed and that episode still stands as one of the best, although there have been many fire-cracker episodes since then. Catch up so we can comment on the newest eps!

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