“And The Hoof Beats Pound In His Brain” – UPDATE

I read an article today in America’s Horse, the magazine of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).  The article was about a gelding named Copper Locks, who was one of the horses used in filming Secretariat. 

According to the horse wrangler for the movie–a man named Rusty Hendrickson, who also worked on Seabiscuit–it’s always a good idea to use a Quarter Horse for racing scenes that involve a horse sprinting ahead of a pack of horses.  After all, Quarter Horses are knownfor their sprinting and quick maneuvering. 

Hendrickson said that he used Copper Locks in scenes where they needed to show Secretariat blasting through a pack of horses.  He said Copper Locks often looked like a motorcycle going through cones.  I don’t care who you are, that’s impressive.  I wonder what would happen if Copper Locks were paired up with someone like Calvin “Bo’rail'” Borel.  That could be one heckuva trip.

I found this article, if you’re interested in some more specific information.


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