Bauer Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Gibbs!

Since NCIS just started its eighth season, it might seem that nothing new can be said about it.  That is true to a certain extent.  However, I’ve decided to give my opinion of the show since I just finished watching season seven.

I like NCIS for the humor, the teamwork, the dialog, and the plot (cases).  The humor works and stays fresh because it’s based on each member of the team, not on one “comic relief” character.  Since each member of the team is unique, they all contribute to the humor.

Gibbs, the team leader, leads by example and only demands of his team what he’s willing to do himself.  His humor is usually sarcasm or irony.  Tony DiNozzo is the senior field agent, but he doesn’t act like it most of the time.  He’s immature and annoying, but also talented and loyal.  He uses humor to lighten serious situations, to hit on girls, or to make fun of his fellow team members.  He will also mock Gibbs, but he usually gets caught.  Tim McGee is a techie with a brain like a computer and an increasingly impressive set of “street skills.”  His humor tends toward word-play, nerd humor, or sarcastic responses to DiNozzo’s statements.  Ziva David is the former Mossad agent who is working on switching her citizenship from Israel to America.  She often messes up idioms or has snarky replies to DiNozzo’s teasing.  Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard is a loquacious and erudite medical examiner who, although he spends his life with dead people, has an irrepressible joie de vivre.  He brings humor to the show simply by being Ducky; talking to corpses and regaling the team with stories from his younger days.  He is also the only member of the team that seems allowed to call Gibbs “Jethro.”  Abby Sciuto is the resident forensic scientist who treads the line of inappropriate coworker relations–she’s a goth who likes to hug people and make personal comments.  Jimmy Palmer is Ducky’s assistant and resident “open mouth, insert foot” specialist.

I like that each episode of NCIS has resolution, unless it’s a “part one of two” episode.  I watched the first season of Heroes, and I became increasingly more annoyed by the fact that each episode ended with no resolution.  One was forced to watch the next episode to figure out what happened, and even then it wasn’t always resolved.  I only watched the first season of Heroes for that reason.  Almost all of the episodes of NCIS can stand alone, even though they are better if viewed in order.

The individual plot of each episode is believable.  What adds to the plot of each case is the character development of the team members.  They are revealed to be real people with family issues, dating problems, skeletons in the closet, or blacked-out sections of their service records.  I think that’s what makes NCIS different from a number of other shows.  The characters seem real, they are human.  The biggest stretch is that Abby could do all that forensic work by herself in the time she’s given.  I don’t think so.  (Apparently, though, the forensics are real, just truncated.)

NCIS has an authenticity and a charm in each episode.  The characters seem real, the plots seem real, and the dynamics of the workplace seem real.  And it’s exciting!  Dirtbags are chased and caught, Ducky talks to corpses, Abby drinks caffeine, DiNozzo calls McGee every possible “Mc” variation while McGee hacks into top-security computers, Ziva threatens to use her Mossad training on criminals, and Gibbs intimidates with his stare.  What more does anyone need in a show?

I hope we do not see the end of the show any time soon.

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  1. i would have to agree with your assessment of the show. actually, i was very impressed with the lingual skills you used to describe it. however you are quite transparent in your writing as to which characters you like and disllike. im interested in hearing your take on ncis-la
    see ya,

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. I do, however, like *all* of the characters! The only character I really disliked was Director Shepard. I was actually glad when she died…
    I’ve only watched a few episodes of NCIS: LA, but my initial impression was that it’s nothing like the “real” NCIS. 🙂

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