I’ve decided which team I’m going to support in the up-coming baseball division playoffs and World Series: the Philadelphia Phillies.  Hey, good things come from Philadelphia!

Not only are the Phillies in my favored league, they have the best record of all the teams.  That’s right, folks, they’re better than the Yankees.  Okay, so in my opinion all teams are better than the Yankees, but that’s not the issue here.

It looks like the Phillies have the potential, and the record, to go all the way to the Series.  If they do, they will also get home field advantage first, thanks to the National League winning the All Star game.

You might be wondering what baseball has to do with movie reviews and the like.  That’s simple.  Around here fans pretty much have to watch major league baseball on TV, so it should count.  Besides, it’s the World Series!

Did I mention that I like baseball?