The WSJ–boring Financials, Or Hip Print Media? – Update

Although I do get a lot of news (especially entertainment and media-related news) online, one of my favorite print sources is the Wall Street Journal.  I’m sure some of you are thinking, “What? Isn’t that paper all about financial news and investing?”  Actually, it’s not.  The WSJ has excellent editorials, good media reporting, and nice precises of major news stories.

One of my favorite movie reviewers, Joe Morgenstern, writes for the WSJ.  His reviews are generally less snarky than many other reviewers, yet he has some good insights.

And my affection for the WSJ has been solidified by the fact that they’ve run two pieces (that I know of) on Alexander McCall Smith.  In fact, I will share the link for the most recent one, since I think it’s something everyone should read.  He’s talking about the tendency to be too verbose…or should I say prolix?

I remembered something else that the WSJ did that was unique and informative.  Around the time the movie Temple Grandin was released, they had a full-page interview with Temple Grandin.  It was not much about the movie.  In fact, it was more about how far she’s come in life, and some of her unique perspectives and advice.