Live “Chess”

The Jamestown College theater department’s fall musical is “Chess,” a story about chess and the cold war.  I had an opportunity to watch it last night.

It was an enjoyable event, although the second half seemed to drag on a bit, especially since it got increasingly sappy.  It’s sometimes hard for me to take people seriously when they are singing about “true love” at the top of their voices.  But I digress.

Jeff Prentice, who played the Russian chess player Anatoly, is an excellent singer, so his rendition of “Anthem” was quite powerful.  Also good was “Pity the Child,” sung by Jordan Wolfe as American chess player Freddie.  But I think my favorites of the night were some of the secondary characters, particularly Brandon Bodien as the match Arbiter and Logan Caldwell as “the agent” Walter.  Both Bodien and Caldwell can sing well, and their acting is also engaging and humorous.

Best Russian accent prize goes to Morgan Bossman, who did a touching portrayal of Anatoly’s scorned wife Svetlana.  Bossman had the most believable cadence for a Russian speaking English, and her managed to bring a bit of the accent into her songs.

Most surprising singer award goes to Rhys Harries, who played a relatively minor part as Florence’s father.  When he appears toward the end of the play, he looked almost unable to speak, let alone sing.  Yet his voice was excellent.

If you’re interested in catching the show, you’ve got one more chance tonight!

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