How Do I Love Red? Let Me Count The Ways

Sometimes if one waits a long time to see a movie, there is a letdown when one actually views it.  I was thinking that might be the case for me with Red. I was happy to be wrong this time.

Red may be a rather typical spy/action movie, since it involves a group of the “good guys” having to figure out why they are being unjustly targeted for assassination.  However, this movie has a lot of charm to it, and it’s not only because of the stellar cast.

Red is story, essentially, about second chances and about people who don’t want to “go gentle into that good night.”  This story plays with the idea that it can’t be easy for former operatives to retire to a simple, normal life.  It’s also a movie about teamwork and friendships, even (especially?) strange ones.

One of the biggest selling points of the movie might very well be the actors, and for good reason.  They are all excellent.  Some–like Bruce Willis, Karl Urban, and John Malkovich–are known for some of their action roles.  Others–like Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker, and Morgan Freeman–are known more for drama or even comedy.  I think this eclectic blend of talent makes the character interactions even more interesting and humorous.

Willis capitalizes on his special brand of nice-guy-in-a-bad-situation-who-knows-a-lot-more-than-he’s-given-credit-for charm, while Mirren plays a type of gun-toting, steely-eyed Martha Stewart.  Freeman plays the underestimated, sweet old man, while Malkovich finds a particular groove of crazy and rides it through the movie.  Urban is also good as a young CIA agent tasked with handling the “old guys.”  Parker is also good as a bored pension worker who will do almost anything to get some excitement in her life.

Red is a wonderful movie for any who like spy thrillers, and for many who might not.  I would recommend that you go out and see it if you get a chance!

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