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If that don’t beat all

It seems that ever since settlers in America ventured West of the Missouri River, there have been the proverbial tales of cowboys vs. Indians.  These tales have spawned legends, books, and movies.

But someone in Hollywood has found a way, so it would seem, to capitalize on this genre in a completely different manner.  Enter the new movie–to be released next year–Cowboys & Aliens.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Cowboys and aliens, although from the synopsis it seems that it will be Cowboys and Indians vs. Aliens.

Check it out:

Winter’s Bone

I said a while ago that I would do a review of Winter’s Bone, which is already receiving some Oscar buzz.  I’m finally fulfilling that promise.

Winter’s Bonedoesn’t have any big name actors to attract people to it, but it does have some good acting–most noticeably from Jennifer Lawrence who plays the main character, Ree Dolly.

Although Ree is only seventeen years old, the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother and sister has fallen solely on her, since her father is missing and her mother is so deep in depression she can’t speak.

The story is set in a dirt-poor area of the Ozark mountains, but I don’t think viewers will have any trouble relating to some of the issues.  Ree’s father is missing because he’s involved in the drug trade, and is trying to avoid going to jail again.

Winter’s Bone is a story about courage, determination, and survival.  The harshness of the story is emphasized by the beauty of the natural world surrounding the characters.  This movie is certainly worth paying attention to, since it is better than many other Oscar picks.