Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1‘s title is almost as long as the movie, I thought.  The story is, of course, appealing to any Potter fans, regardless of whether or not they’ve read the books.  The movie did seem to drag in places, though.  There were some unnecessary shots, combined with some shots that were too long.  In other words, I think the movie could easily have been two hours long, instead of two and a half hours long.

Some people get annoyed if I compare other fantasy movie to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I think the comparison is apt in this case.  Tolkien didn’t want his story split into three parts, but did so at the request of his publisher.  Peter Jackson split the story into three movies, but he managed to neatly conclude the first and second movies.  Part one of The Deathly Hallowsends with such an anticlimactic scene that it’s ridiculous.  In fact, everyone I’ve talked to agreed that the ending was terrible.  That will, of course, not stop the movie from being a smashing success.

I was hoping the movie would cut down on the inordinate amount of time spent detailing the camping of the young heroes.  After all, the book (and, alas, the movie) could be titled Harry Potter and the Extended Camping Trip.  (Hat-tip to my friend Maetelle for that gem.)

The movie was enjoyable.  However, since it seems so incomplete, I will have to wait for the second one before I can really judge whether or not it will be a good conclusion to the Potter phenomenon.