And So The Castle Grows

I watched three Castle episodes in a row yesterday, and discovered something.  Nathan Fillion as Castle becomes more endearing with time, while the lack of Stana Katic’s–Kate Beckett–acting skills becomes more noticeable with time.  She doesn’t enunciate, she often speaks in a monotone, and she’s frankly boring.  It’s a good thing Fillion is good, or the show would probably tank.

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  1. My main problem with her is that she doesn’t enunciate well. It might not help her case that she’s cast with someone who seems to be effortlessly effervescent.

  2. Jim

    Fillion doesn’t enunciate well either. I’m often left asking “What’d he say?” He has a tendency to drop the volume of his voice at the end of sentences. It also has something to do with the actors tone of voice also. Time constraints of a TV show also forces actors to speak more quickly than is ideal. Considering Fillion and Katic carry most of the lines in the show I’m not very surprised that occasionally I don’t pick up an important wise crack.

  3. Greta

    I agree with Kevin, your comment that “Stana Katic doesn’t enunciate, she often speaks in a monotone” confirms how ignorant you are of the acting skills and talent of this versatile actress. Stana Katic is articulate in her expressions, emotions, dialogues, etc. Stana doesn’t need anyone to help her case as you put it because she can hold her own which is very evident with the TV Show Castle.

  4. These responses prove that there aren’t really any universal standards for acting. Some people might love an actor, while others hate the same one.
    And I will say, I can understand why viewers would like Katic, even if I’m not a big fan. There are some actors that I don’t understand–and never will–why people think they’re good. The main one being Kevin Costner. If I can avoid watching something with him in it, I will. But he’s the only actor I can think of offhand who causes me to consciously avoid the movie he’s in. I would never do that with Katic.

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