Tangled Up In…gold

Disney’s Tangled was much how I expected it to be.  After all, most Disney movies subscribe to a certain type of plot.  For example, when the character Flynn Rider says at the beginning that he dies in the story, does anyone actually believe that he’ll die (and stay dead)?  It’s Disney, after all!

I think the voice casting was excellent, however, and the movie as a whole was fun (even if it was predictable).  Zachary Levi is the voice of Flynn Rider, and he manages to have some cynicism and charm at the same time that works well for the character.  And he actually sings!  Bonus.

Mandy Moore was a good choice to play the wide-eyed, naive, and resourceful Rapunzel.  The fact that Rapunzel was resourceful made the story more appealing.  Heroines who do nothing but scream and faint get tiring after about two minutes.

Tangled was entertaining, and I would recommend it to those that don’t mind Disney stories!