Nanny McPhee Returns

Yes, that’s right folks, I watched Nanny McPhee Returns. The first Nanny McPhee movie was silly, but still charming (maybe because Colin Firth was in it?).  This second one was perhaps a little more silly than charming.

It’s still a pleasant story about how Nanny McPhee can help naughty children learn to be better.  I was impressed by Maggie Gyllenhaal’s British accent and humorous portrayal of a harried mother.  However, why even have Ewan McGregor in a movie if he’s only going to appear for ten seconds?  (Seriously, he should be in every scene!)

Another nice touch was Rhys Ifans–perhaps best known as Spike in Notting Hill–as the scheming, debt-ridden uncle.

Nanny McPhee Returns will probably be enjoyed by those who enjoyed the first movie.  And, after all, it does have Emma Thompson it in.