The Green Hornet

There has been talk in the entertainment circles about how Seth Rogen “changed” for the role of Britt Reid in The Green Hornet.  Yes, he lost weight, but that’s probably because of the fighting he’s supposed to do in the movie.  For those that are fans of Rogen, and his “aw-shucks” appeal, should not worry that he’s changed.  It is a little removed in type from his previous starring roles.

The surprise of the movie, for me, was Jay Chou as Kato.  I think The Green Hornet may be his first major American movie.  Apparently, one of his favorite actors is Jet Li, and it’s not surprising.  Chou, while perhaps not as good as Li in martial arts, has a similar simultaneous steadiness and quickness.  (But perhaps that’s just illustrating my love of martial arts as incorporated into movies.)

As to plot:  The Green Hornet is rather typical for its genre, but it is amusing.  And the cars are lovely, too!

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