Why The Sequels?

Why are so many sequels made of animated movies?  Such movies can be lame on their own, and the sequels are much worse.

For example, The Emperor’s New Groove was quite entertaining.  Kronk’s New Groove, on the other hand, put me to sleep.  Literally.

Are such sequels another example of the powers that be trying to milk the cash cow till it dies?  I’m afraid so.

4 Responses

  1. That Guy Steve

    It’s better than Bring it On Again and Again and Again, 7 Fast 7 Furious, Harry Potter 56 or that dreaded Twilight “saga.”

  2. At least HP (enjoy) and Twilight (not so much) sequels are 1) driven by their source material and 2) seperate proto-adults from their money. The endless pumping out of animation sequels is the movie industry version of the Happy Meal. Bad food cleverly designed, packaged, and marketed to exceedingly young children.

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