The Oscars Approacheth

Here are the nominations for the Oscars: I have to say, this is probably the first time I agree with so many nominations for the Coen brothers.


Well folks, I did it.  I am on Twitter. For those of you who Tweet, you can follow me at www.twitter(dot)com/reelquickies

Why The Sequels?

Why are so many sequels made of animated movies?  Such movies can be lame on their own, and the sequels are much worse. For example, The Emperor’s New Groove was quite entertaining.  Kronk’s New Groove, on the other hand, put me to sleep.  Literally. Are such sequels another example of the powers that be trying…
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Philosophical Moment

Why are comedies not the same today?  Some are good, but there seems to be a plethora of bad comedy. We’ve gone from movies like Dr. Strangelove and The Pink Panther to movies like Anchorman and Grown Ups. Maybe the real problem is that I miss Peter Sellers.

Weekend Quote Quiz – 1.21.11 – ANSWERS

1.  “Late is the hour in which this conjurer chooses to appear. ‘Lathspell’ I name him. Ill news is an ill guest.” – Grima Wormtongue, The Two Towers 2.  “Neurotypical people are obsessed with having friends. I’m only trying to help you get some.” – Linda, Snow Cake 3.  “How’d she die?” -  “It was…
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