Royal Yawn

Am I the only one that’s getting a wee bit tired of hearing all about the upcoming Royal wedding?

Do I care who’s invited?  No, I don’t, so please stop telling me.

I hope that can manage a happy life together, under such constant scrutiny.

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  1. Tracy Briggs

    I know…everytime I see the press following Kate Middleton around, it reminds me of when they followed Diana right before she became princess. It seems to me Kate is a little stronger, more her own person, so hopefully she’ll handle the pressure a little better. I am puzzled however that I haven’t received my invitation yet. It must have gotten lost in the mail. (I enjoy your blog!)

  2. I agree, I do think Kate Middleton is a little stronger than Diana. It probably helps that the man she’s marrying seems to be actually interested in her!
    I didn’t receive my invitation either. I was shocked! 😉

    And I’m glad you like my blog. Thanks!

  3. I wonder if they’ll televise the big wedding. Everything in England will likely shut down so everyone can line the streets and greet the couple. Some of that stuff is so outdated, you’d think they’d abandon of the pomp.

  4. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s true. I was in London for the changing of the guards. Everything in the area was shut down for the ceremony. It was ridiculous, if you think about it.

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