Ms. Berry, What Were You Thinking?

Halle Berry apparently said, in an interview, that her daughter is black because Halle believes in the “one-drop rule.”  I hope she didn’t know that “rule” was created by slaveholders and other such people as a way to suppress African-Americans.

Joe Hicks has a good comment on that in this video.  He also talks about why he dislikes Black History Month.

6 Responses

  1. I know. Although this poor girl’s father seems as dense as Halle Berry. He says his daughter is white, Halle says she’s black. Honestly, people.

  2. dakwoman

    People often use expressions and phrases without fully realizing what they actually mean – and maybe this was the case here. Just as with the phrase, “rule of thumb” which I hear frequently to mean ‘as a general guide.’ It originally was, much like the one-drop rule, used as a way to measure something – in this case it was the size of rod with which a man could legally beat his wife…a rod no bigger larger than the circumference of his thumb. Once I learned this, I deleted this expression from my vocabulary because I now knew better. Maybe this will be the case with Halle as well. Or maybe not. There’s no law against ignorance.

  3. That’s a good point, dakwoman. I also hope Halle’s statement was made out of ignorance, and that she won’t use that term again. But then again, we do have free speech, so she can use it as much as she wants. So there is that.

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