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The Singing Farmer

I found out that the Arts Center and the Anne Carlsen Center are holding a concert featuring Chuck Suchy, on February 25th.

I’ve heard him sing numerous times, and enjoyed it every time.  He’ s a wonderful singer and songwriter, but I will let him speak for himself.

The Dreyfuss Initiative

I happened to see this interview online, and thought it was worth sharing.  Richard Dreyfuss is interviewed by Roger L. Simon.  Dreyfuss and Simon worked on a movie together years ago.  The movie was The Big Fix, starring Dreyfuss as Moses Wine, who was the main character of a novel written by Simon.  Simon also wrote the screenplay.

Dreyfuss talks about the importance of teaching Civics in schools in this interview:

You can also see the website dedicated to his initiative here:

Comedy Hour

My brother showed me some clips of the comedian Tim Hawkins.  All I can say is, “I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there.”

Here was one of my favorites:

I started watching the series Monarch of the Glen last night.  I’ve seen quite a bit of it previously, but not in order.  Now I’m watching it in order.

I forgot how much I enjoyed the show.  The plot may not be the most original, but the show is worth it for the scenery and the wee Scottish accents.  And for the men like Duncan and Golly who frequently wear kilts.

Quote Quiz – 2.11.11- ANSWERS

1.  “We leave at dawn!  … Noon-ish.” – James Harlow, Wagon’s East

2.  “One cannot choose how one’s life begins.  It takes courage to finish the final step.” – Huo Yuanjia, Fearless

3.  “Killed anyone today?”  –  “The day ain’t over yet.” – Mitch and Curly, City Slickers

4.  “Haha, that’s funny I didn’t know ath-e-letes had three syllables… thats ama-za-zaing.” – Richie, Benchwarmers

5.  “Can you tell I’m wearing underwear? ‘Cause I totally am.” – Jenna, 13 Going On 30

Here’s MAYHEM!

I rarely watch TV, mostly because I loathe commercials.  They usually make me want to never acquire the advertised item or good.  However, there are occasionally some good commercials.  For example, the string of Mayhem commercials for Allstate.

These commercials are so good, they almost make me want to buy Allstate.  Dean Winters is hilarious, in whatever role he takes on.  This one is one of my favorites:

Speak with conviction

Some of you may have heard this poem already, since it seems to be making the rounds via the internet.  However, it is worth watching again, as is Mali’s “The The Impotence of Proofreading,” which can also be found on youtube.


To the powers that be…

This is somewhat related to my last post…

I am hoping that when the new theater opens in town, viewers will have opportunities to see movies like The Last Station and The King’s Speech without making a road trip.  Perhaps even an occasional foreign language film?

I know such films don’t draw the same crowds, but there are a number of people who want to watch such movies.  Many of them that I talk to don’t go to the movies much anymore because they’re not interested in what’s showing.

Perhaps there will be a little corner screen somewhere on which viewers can watch such movies?  Here’s hoping, as they say.

Road trip?

I’m beginning to think I need to make a road trip to see The King’s Speech.  I have heard nothing but glowing reviews about the movie.  And after all, it does have two of my favorite non-American actors in it.

I’m trying to figure out if it would be worth the gas to see the movie in a theater.  I’m starting to think so.  Have any of you seen the movie?  Would you recommend theater viewing?

The Social Network

I’m on a quest to watch as many Oscar-nominated movies as possible before the Oscars.  Over the weekend, I watched The Social Network.

The movie, while not terrible, is not Oscar-worthy.  I’m still trying to figure out why it was nominated for best picture and best director, and why Jesse Eisenberg was nominated for best actor.  The movie was not that exceptional.  In fact, it wasn’t exceptional.  Eisenberg’s acting was not even as good as his co-star, Andrew Garfield, who played Zuckerberg’s friend Saverin.

The Social Network was drawn out and uninspired.  Unstoppable was a far superior movie, and it only received an Oscar nomination for sound editing.  A sad state of affairs.