I finally got a chance to watch The King’s Speech last night. I’ve been wanting to see it since I first started reading reviews. Okay, maybe I’ve wanted to see it since I heard that Colin Firth was in it. That certainly didn’t dampen my desire to watch it!

I watched The King’s Speech win four awards at the Oscar. This only heightened my wish to see the movie. So the question is, was it worth the wait and did it deserve the awards? The simple answer? Yes, yes, and YES.

The story is simple, but that makes it more elegant. It is well-told and well-acted. The language is lovely, which enhances the main impetus–the King’s stammer. He has trouble speaking, but has opinions that deserve to be heard. It’s an honest and human story, and a part of history.

The role of King George, “Bertie,” is probably Colin Firth’s best to date. He has become a wonderful actor, and this movie is yet another rung on his climb upward. He certainly deserved the Best Actor Oscar. Geoffrey Rush was also superb as Lionel Logue, the King’s Australian speech therapist.

My suggestion is that you go out and watch this movie. Run, don’t walk, as they say. Watch it before it leaves the theater. It is well worth it.