Pirates 4.0

The Pirates of the Caribbean saga continues, but is it the same with a different director?

I don’t know if the change in director, moving from Gore Verbinski to Rob Marshall, made a big difference in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  However, the movie seemed to lack a cohesive plot.  What plot was there was driven by the extravagant use of special effects.

Does this mean I didn’t enjoy the movie?  No!  After all, Captain Barbossa and Captain Sparrow were up to their usual (no good), and brought along a whole crew.  I still think The Curse of the Black Pearl is the best of the POTC movies, but they all have a certain charm.

After all, it is amusing to see Sparrow swinging through palm trees, and to see Barbossa roaring around with a wooden leg.  My favorite line of the movie was said to Barbossa by Sparrow, about his leg: “You don’t have termites, do you?”

I think one thing that tied this new Pirates movie to the previous ones was the soundtrack, done by Hans Zimmer, one of the masters of movie soundtracks.  He wrote new pieces for this movie, but still used the same theme.

On Stranger Tides is an enjoyable (yet certainly not deep) movie.  Let the swash-buckling commence!