X-Men: First Class

I don’t really know why I like the X-Men movies, since they are rather bizarre if one spends any time thinking about the premise.  However, I do like them, as a general rule, so I was excited about the newest installment, X-Men: First Class.

First Class is another prequel, so it’s possible that someone unfamiliar with the other movies could watch this one and enjoy it.  In fact, I think this is the best of the lot.  It explains the origins of Professor X and Magneto, and how they are simultaneously friends and foes.

James McAvoy had the task of taking on the younger version of a character (Professor Xavier) played so well by Patrick Stewart.  I imagine that was daunting.  However, it didn’t seem to hold him back at all.  In fact, he was rather brilliant.  And Michael Fassbender was wonderful as the tortured Erik, or Magneto.

I also really enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence as Raven/Mystique.  Another charming character was Nicholas Hoult as Hank, who becomes Beast.

It was interesting to watch how the story begins, a story we–those who have watched the other movies–already know the ending to.  Knowing what is going to happen didn’t take away from the charm of First Class. I think First Class was aptly titled, since it is first in the class of X-men movies.

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  1. I think the X-men movies are appealing, at least the first one and from what I hear, this one. Because the characters have some depth to them.

    We got big chunks of the Magneto backstory in the first film, and his relationship with the Professor really drives the entire story arc of the series (that and Logan/Phoenix which they’ve already done) so I’m keen to see more.

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