I watched the 2004 movie Miracle when it first came out, and I just watched it again.  Even though I’m not a big fan of hockey, I enjoyed the movie just as much the second time.

After all, as Coach Brooks wife Patti says, “This is about more than hockey.”  Miracle is about people learning to work together, to become a family, to achieve something that is viewed as impossible.  And it’s a true story.  What’s not to like?

The movie could have been harmed by poor acting and bad casting, but it all seemed rather spot-on to me.  Kurt Russell was excellent as Herb Brooks, and Noah Emmerich was wonderful as Coach Patrick, the “nice” coach.  Patricia Clarkson was also good as Patti Brooks.

Miracle is a good movie, one that is appropriate for almost all ages, and that has a good message.  It is worth fighting for a goal, because once you’ve accomplished it, all the hard work pays off.