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Jesse Stone

I’ve recently revisited some of the Jesse Stone movies, based on the character from the books by Robert B. Parker.  They books and the movies are interesting, a sort of new spin on a big-time detective trying to make a go of it in a small-town atmosphere.

Of course, the big-time detective, Jesse Stone, in this case lost his big-time job because he was borderline alcoholic.  It makes for an interesting twist, because the movies show him sitting and drinking and talking to his ex-wife or his dog.

Jesse Stone is played convincingly by Tom Selleck, who has the ability to fit into a number of roles without reservation.  After all, he’s run the gamut from Quigley to Magnum.  That’s pretty impressive.

Quote Quiz 8.26.11 – ANSWERS

This has been a busy week, so I haven’t been able to do many posts, but I am doing the regular quote quiz.  Enjoy!

1.  “Taxes we do not like.” – John Little, Robin Hood (2006)

2.  “You know what we do here? Cops… arrest… bad guys. The next time you come across the bridge, you should call me first. Just make sure it’s safe.” – Richie Roberts, American Gangster

3.  “I’ve always wanted to join the French Foreign Legion.” – Niko Tatopoulos, Godzilla

4.  “Actually, it’s perfect. I just never realized John Wayne walked like that.” – Armand, The Birdcage

5.  “How do you say ‘No way I’m doing this’ in crazy?” – Mittens, Bolt

Wilderness adventures

I got back from a camping trip–involving climbing, river-fording, playing with fire, etc.–and found that the first season of Robin Hood was waiting for me.

I’ve only had time to watch one episode, but it was quite amusing.  It was interesting that I came back from a real wilderness adventure and was able to start watching a show where the hero ends up living in the wild.

I haven’t seen enough to really analyze it yet, but I will eventually.  Stay tuned!

Quote Quiz – ANSWERS

I will be camping this weekend, away from technology and internet service, so I am posting my weekend quiz early.

1.  “It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas.” – Elwood Blues, Blues Brothers

2.  “When you become a real boy, remember me to the ladies when you grow up.” – Gigolo Joe, A.I.

3.  “I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I want to buy eight hot dogs and eight hot dog buns to go with them. But no one sells eight hot dog buns. They only sell twelve hot dog buns. So I end up paying for four buns I don’t need. So I am removing the superfluous buns. Yeah. And you want to know why? Because some big-shot over at the wiener company got together with some big-shot over at the bun company and decided to rip off the American public. Because they think the American public is a bunch of trusting nit-wits who will pay for everything they don’t need rather than make a stink. Well they’re not ripping of this nitwit anymore because I’m not paying for one more thing I don’t need!” – George Banks, Father of the Bride

4.  “I could get used to a view like this. Yep, I’m used to it. Guys, I want a castle!” – Flynn Rider/Eugene, Tangled

5.  “I could shoot you in the middle of Mardi Gras, and they can’t touch me.” – Libby, Double Jeopardy

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I’m not a big fan of primates.  I don’t see why people like them, really.  They screech, the eat lice off of each other, they have weird feet…

So I wasn’t looking forward to Rise of the Planet of the Apes as much as some people, I’m sure.  I did watch the two Planet of the Apes, though, to see how they compared to this one movie.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I ended up feeling quite ambivalent when I left the theater.

Rise did a good job of explaining how apes could have become smart enough to take over, and what happened to the humans for them to allow that to happen.  So the story was adequate, but I couldn’t make myself care.  It wasn’t just that I didn’t connect with the ape characters, I didn’t connect with the humans either.  It was a strange feeling.

However, anyone interested in how the apes became smart enough to rule should watch the movie, because that will be fully explained.

The Help

I saw Tate Taylor’s adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, the best-selling debut novel about the civil rights era in Mississippi.

Since the book was so popular, it’s not too surprising that someone made the decision to make the story into a movie.  And it’s a story that’s easily adapted to screen, but it still could have turned out badly.  However, it did not.

The casting was good, the acting was good, the scenery was good, the food looked amazing, and the story was excellent.  This is a movie that I would recommend parents take their children to.  They can learn about history and enjoy a well-told story of courage at the same time.

The Help is one of the few movies I can think of recently that I would recommend to anyone without reservation.  It’s worth watching, and I suggest you see it in theaters while you have a chance.

Quote Quiz 8.12.11 – ANSWERS

1.  “Our dad was a cop, you’re a cop, I work for the cops.  For us, this is brother sister stuff.” – Dexter, Dexter

2.  “Dad’s not the one that has a problem with the Valley View. There’s nothing wrong with Dad’s situation. Dad’s situation is fine. He’s never gonna adjust to it if we keep yanking him outta there. And, actually, this upward mobility fixation of yours, it’s counterproductive and, frankly, pretty selfish. Because it’s not about Dad, it’s about you and your guilt. That’s what these places prey upon. ” – Jon Savage, The Savages

3.  “[in Portguese] I will miss you. And your very slow typing… and your very bad driving.” – Aurelia, Love Actually

4.  “All science trembles at the searing logic of your fiery intellect.” – General Armistead, Gettysburg

5.  “I think we’re getting scammed by a kindergartener.” – Harry, Home Alone

The Go-To List

I’m sitting here after an evening of DIY work, wondering if I should watch Sherlock Holmes or Double Jeopardy.  I enjoy both movies immensely.  They are some of my “go-to” movies.  Both Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Downey, Jr. are excellent actors.

What are some of your “go-to” movies, the ones you can watch any time, under nearly any circumstances, no matter how many times you’ve seen them before?

Another Ape movie

I watched the remake of Planet of the Apes, and while it was better than the original, I still didn’t like it that much.  For one thing, the ending was a little too Tim-Burton-esque, which is to be expected, since he directed the movie.

The special effects are far superior in the remake, and the evilness of some of the apes is much more believable, thanks mostly to the acting skills of Tim Roth.

Maybe I don’t like the movies that well because the idea of being ruled by apes is too much like a nightmare and not so much like entertainment…

1.  “You know the saying, ‘Human see, human do.'” – Julius, The Planet of the Apes (1968)

2.  “You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.” – Blondie, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

3.  “This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it’s an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment.” – Frank Castle/The Punisher, The Punisher

4.  “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” – Eric Liddell, Chariots of Fire

5.  “In this, you exist. In another you don’t exist. In another, you’re married to the same woman. In another, you’re married to a different woman. In another, you’re married to a man.” – MVA Agent Funsch, The One