The movie Courageous models its title in more ways than one.  In an age where many people seem to enjoy fluffy action-driven movies or vulgar comedies, Courageous tackles the issue of the importance of faith and fatherhood.

A movie that is driven by a message is often lacking in other areas, so I was not expecting much cinematically when I went to see Courageous.  I was agreeably surprised.  Although the movie takes a while to get started, it is generally well-shot and quite well written.  It has good progression and character development.  And there are a few quite dramatic and action-packed scenes.  After all, the movie is about a group of policemen!

The director, Alex Kendrick, was also the co-author and starred as one of the main policemen in the story.  Directing and starring in a movie can be a bad idea, but it works here.  Kendrick is a believable and sympathetic character.

I would recommend Courageous to anyone who wants to see a movie about taking a stand, trying to make a difference, and living with integrity.  It’s a refreshing change from the rather typical Hollywood hedonism.