I waited to write about Immortals for a while after watching it.  I think I was hoping it would grow on me, but it didn’t.

If you go into the movie wanted to see an action movie with innovative special effects, you’ll probably like it.  There were some really nice effects, especially the ones used for scene changes.  However, if you know anything about ancient Greek and Roman mythology, you will probably not enjoy the movie.  The only thing kept the same are the names of major characters like Theseus.  Even the whole story of Theseus is changed.  In mythology, he’s a crafty man (who is probably the son of a god, maybe even Poseidon) and he lives a long life.  In the movie he’s a peasant who becomes a good fighter.

I could have lived with those changes, I think, if it hadn’t been for what happened between the gods and the titans.  There is rather widespread massacre, on both sides.  (And here comes a bit of a spoiler.)  There is no way that Athena could be killed off by a Titan.  Sorry, couldn’t happen.  Same with Poseidon.  Athena and Poseidon would be far too crafty and powerful.

I came out of Immortals thinking that the story was attempting to make the gods more human and the humans more godlike.  Even with the special effects, the result was disappointing.