Who knew that writing a sports column for the local newspaper could be so controversial?  David Selvig, who writes for the Jamestown Sun raised some hackles with his off-hand dismissal of the Bison 6 Cinema’s movie “choices.”  The article Mr. Selvig wrote really had nothing to do with the theater, but he used the price of movie tickets to illustrate that going to a local sports event was cheaper.  If he’d left it there, that would have been fine, but he did rather sling mud at the theater, which has backfired.

Cory Keim, co-owner of Bison 6 Cinema, responded to the article with a letter to the editor, which you can read here:


There have been movies I’ve wanted to see that have not been brought to Jamestown, but I believe in almost every case it was because of a limited release, as Cory Keim points out, and not out of a desire to rob local audiences of a greater variety of movies.  And after all, didn’t they bring in The King’s Speech (when they still only had four screens), which could very well be a much better movie than Ides of March  or J Edgar?

I’m thankful for the service the Keims provide, bringing in entertainment, not to mention the number of people they employ.  I’m hoping that the furor raised over Mr. Selvig’s column will help people think a little more before blindly criticizing something they might know nothing about.