1.  ”Whoa. ‘We?’ No, she’s your arch nemesis. I’m not going to be part of your evil plan to bring down Joanna.” – “I’ll give you 20 bucks.” – “Done.” – Marni and Ben, You Again

2.  ”You didn’t think I would recognize you because I can’t see your cheekbones?” – Carol, Green Lantern

3.  ”Damn you, Bernice!” – Angry Troop 417 member, Dodgeball

4.  ”I know somebody here! I met him on a train! His name… is… his name is… James. No. His name is… James Josephson. Lor. No, no, no. James Lawrence. LAWRENCE… Lawrence. Lawrence Fells. Lawrence Feings. Forest Lorenston. Low. Lars. LARS. Lawrence. Lawrence. Luch. Lawrence. Tuh. His name is James Jesenthon. Lawrence Fell. Lawrence Jesterton. LAWRENCE JESTERTON.” – Freddy Benson, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels