I finally watched Groundhog Day.  In fact, I watched it instead of going pre-Black Friday shopping.  Time well spent.

The plot is summed up by the movie’s synopsis: “A weatherman finds himself living the same day over and over again.”  Of course, that doesn’t give any of the details, but one can get the gist of how the movie is going to go.

What I found most enjoyable about the movie was how Phil, the weatherman, ran the gamut of emotions after realizing he was stuck living the same day over and over.  First he was annoyed that he had to deal with the same people and same situations, then he was ecstatic because he realized he could literally rob a bank without consequences.  What was perhaps funniest, ironically, was when he hit depression and tried to kill himself off in rather interesting ways.  I think that part was funny because of Murray’s deadpan acting skills.

It’s pretty predictable where the rest of the movie is going, but it’s still entertaining seeing how it arrives there.  And Phil’s character changes, which is believable, given the premise.  It’s worth watching if you’ve never seen it before.