Arthur Christmas

Christmas is a popular time of year for many reasons.  Some people like the winter season, some like the music, some like the deals on shopping, some like the food, some like the time with family, and Hollywood likes to give us Christmas movies.

Arthur Christmas is an animation about the Christmas family–GrandSanta, Santa Malcolm and his wife, wannabeSanta Steve, and Arthur.  What I liked about the movie is that the Christmases are a bit dysfunctional, like most families.  GrandSanta reminisces about life in his time, Santa doesn’t want to turn the reins over to Steve, who’s next in line, and Arthur doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.

This might sound like Arthur Christmas is making fun of Christmas, but it’s not.  Arthur loves Christmas so much that others think he’s obsessed, and no one really takes him seriously.  It turns out that he’s the one who believes in the real “spirit” of Christmas–making sure no one is forgotten.

Arthur Christmas is humorous and well-done, with a number of subtle jokes that I particularly enjoyed.  The people cast to do the voices were spot-on as well, especially Hugh Laurie as Steve and James McAvoy as Arthur.  Arthur Christmas is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that I think the whole family could enjoy.  I recommend that you check it out and celebrate the season!