Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is the newest film in the polarizing Twilight series. I’ve seen all the other movies, so I felt I should watch this one. I’ve also read the first book and part of the second.

I can’t get away from the feeling that the whole franchise is vacuous, feeding on a desire for immortality and “perfect” love. Life is not like that, and I thank God for that. Honestly, can you think of how boring life would be if everything was perfect? And would we really appreciate life if we knew we were going to live forever? Probably not.

But that’s not even my biggest problem with Twilight. I found the books to be shallow in the worst sense. They lack plot direction and character development, and the story hinges on the whims of a moody teenager. I’m not sure why they are so wildly popular, unless it is because some people like to indulge in narcissism and even nihilism. It is escapism in its worst form.

There were problems with Breaking Dawn cinematically, too. There was an over-indulgent use of long shots were nothing really happened, an attempt, I suppose, to show inner turmoil. It got boring. The movie could have been cut by half-an-hour, I would guess, just by shortening unnecessary shots.

Those who love Twilight will not be affected by my opinion, but will continue to follow the story with bated breath. But I wanted to share what I felt, since I watched the movie.