I’m afraid that as long as there are humans, there will be war. And as long as we have war, we will have stories and movies about it. Some of them try to speak out against the subject, while others deal with the people in the situation and tell their stories. War Horse¬†falls into the latter category.

It is really a movie about a boy and his horse, and how WWI separates them. The boy believes he will find his horse again, even though it seems likely the horse won’t survive long on the battlefield.

The viewer should realize that since the movie is titled War Horse the horse is not going to die at the beginning, no matter how likely that might seem.

What I found interesting about the movie is how it showed the men, on both sides, relating to the horse (and other animals). Animals do have the power to bring people together, perhaps because of their unquestioning service. The story feels authentic, and is well done.

It is a movie well worth watching. The cinematography and special effects are quite wonderful, and the characters are realistic and sympathetic.