Sometimes there are few things better than a good action movie. The problem is, many directors seem to think that if there are enough explosions, car chases, and or gun battles in the movie, no one will notice that there is no plot. Contraband is one of the action movies that does have a plot. It also has good acting.

The main character, Chris, played by Mark Wahlberg, is a former-smuggler gone straight. However, his brother-in-law is still attempting to be a smuggler, and failing miserably. To save his family, Chris must pull off one last smuggling job.

Chris’s best friend, Sebastian, is played by Ben Foster, and it’s hard to get a read on him, which works perfectly for the part. Giovanni Ribisi is also excellent as a slimy criminal named Briggs.

Contraband manages to combine action with slower scenes in just about the perfect mix. Maybe some people would like more action, but I enjoyed the quieter moments, since they added to the story.

It’s an entertaining and well-done action movie, one worth watching.