We Bought A Zoo

The viewer can get the premise of the movie We Bought a Zoo from its title. What is interesting about the movie is that it’s still good, even though it’s obvious where the story is going. Part of that is because of the secondary characters that fill out the story.

The main character is an adventure journalist, Benjamin Mee. He has two children and has recently lost his wife, so he decides the best way to keep his family together and to help them heal is to start over. So they buy a zoo.

Some of my favorite secondary characters, the ones that really add depth, are Thomas Haden Church as Duncan Mee, Benjamin’s brother; Elle Fanning as Lily Miska, one of the zoo workers; and Angus Macfadyen as Peter MacCready, the hot-tempered zoo “genius.”

One aspect of the movie that I especially enjoyed was the idea that it helps to get out and do physical work to, in a sense, clear one’s head, help heal emotions, and grow closer to other people. It’s a message that almost can’t be stressed too much in our technological era.

We Bought a Zoo is a movie the whole family can watch, especially since part of the message is about the importance of family.

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  1. Oh, indeed, I hadn’t forgotten. Although the real Benjamin Mee is British and bald. 🙂 And his wife was still alive when he bought the zoo.

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