The Grey

*spoiler alert*

I don’t usually give away much of the plot in my reviews of new movies, but I decided to make an exception for The Grey.

I was quite annoyed by the movie. It violates one of the most basic rules of stories–if no one is left alive, then no one can tell the story. It’s a simple but logical rule.

The plane crash was done almost too well, to the point of being rather horrific. A lot of the wolf parts were good, too, but I wasn’t convinced by the way the wolves looked up close.

But really, none of that mattered because I couldn’t buy the story. If no one lives, no one lives to tell the story. That’s the reason Hamlet begs Horatio not to kill himself–Horatio needs to live on to tell the world Hamlet’s story. If having a survivor is good enough for Shakespeare, shouldn’t it be good enough for the rest of us trying to tell stories?