Quote Quiz 3.2.12

The first quiz of March!

1. “Their heads weren’t found severed. Their heads were not found at all.” – Reverend Steenwyck, Sleepy Hollow

2. “There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” – Michael Corleone, Godfather 2

3. “We danced the Mamushka while Nero fiddled, we danced the Mamushka at Waterloo. We danced the Mamushka for Jack the Ripper, and now, this Mamushka is for you.” – Gomez Addams, The Addams Family

4. “I’d rather show up with a knife at a gunfight than be interrogated by him.” – Act of Valor

2 Responses

  1. superchargedhobbit

    1. the Mayor dude on Sleepy Hollow–talking to the Constable (Johnny Depp)

    2. Al Pacino — The Godfather (Part 2)??

    3. no clue, but it kinda made me giggle! Is this a bad thing??

    4. One of the navy seal dudes on Act of Valor talking about their commander.

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